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İlgi Adalan Archive contains more than 400 archival materials dated from 1953 to 2015 including the artist's photographs of different periods, images, drawings and sketches of his works, the artist's ceramic panels, objects in the ceramic workshop, as well as diplomas, awards, events programs, exhibition invitations, news clippings published in various newspapers and magazines, and interviews with him.

About the Artists

"Before the academy, I started with fine painting at primary school with the encouragement of my father. I am from Bursa. I graduated from Bursa Boys High School. I came to Istanbul for the academy exams in 1953 to be a painter. Meanwhile, there were no people who went to the academy yet. I won the painting department. I worked at Halil Dikmen Atelier for the first year and then at Cemal Tollu Atelier.

After graduating from the academy, I entered the Gorbon Ceramic Factory in 1959. Gorbon Seramik was newly established in Levent. I was a painter, but I was working in a ceramics factory. After working there for two years, I went to the army. I did my military service as a reserve officer. During my military service, I was first an engineer, then I was assigned to Mersin from Edirne. I taught painting at a military school in Mersin for a year. In other words, I finished my military service by doing my own profession.

I spent two or three years with theater, then I entered a private school as an art teacher. After working at that school for five years, I established my workshop in Ümraniye, which was later expropriated. There I started ceramics with the enthusiasm of Gorbon... Just like the actor who swallowed the stage dust, I also swallowed the mud dust in Gorbon. ​


I make sure that my works are personal. What I mean here is not my actual personality, which I maintain in everyday life, but the personality in my creative infinity. I attach great importance to the reflection of this personality in my works. I also want the physical character of the material, namely ceramics, to be integrated with the forms of my works. This depends on the very good assimilation of the essence of the substance. I create my works in an abstract expressionist style. I can say that I am fond of geometric forms.


I satisfy my desire to make multi-colored works on the board. That's why I went completely colorless in art. Actually, black is a color and white is a color. There are also the effects of the ceramic's own material in my works. These oxidized places are not considered colors, but I give the soil its own flavour in itself. My work continues like this, it seems to me that I will."*

-İlgi Adalan, 2001

Solo Exhibitions

1966- İstanbul

1969- Galeri de Abbaye, Brussels, Belgium

1970- Salon Des Surindepandants, Paris

1994- "Variations" Ceramic Exhibition, Destek Reassurance Art Gallery

2007- Solo exhibition, Mavi Kum Gallery

Group Exhibitions

1967- "Universal Peace Festival: Plastic Arts Exhibition", Beyoğlu City Gallery, Dormen Theater Foyer

1979- "Art 76" Istanbul Art Festival, Biennial Ceramic Exhibition, Istanbul

1981- 3rd Istanbul Art Festival "New Trends Exhibition", Istanbul (Bronze Medal)

1981- 100th Anniversary Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Paris

1983- "Anatolian Civilizations Exhibition", Istanbul

1985- "5th New Trends Exhibition", Istanbul

1987- "New Trends Exhibition", Istanbul

1989- "Sculpture/Ceramics Exhibition" (with Saim Bugay and Koray Ariş) Gallery Soyak, Istanbul

1989- Kadıköy Culture and Art Center, Opening Exhibition, Istanbul

1989- "A Retrospective Section", Gallery Beytem, ​​Istanbul

1990- "Ceramics Exhibition" (with Sadi Diren and Attila Galatalı), Ceramic Center, Istanbul

1990- "The Process of Stages in Turkish Ceramic Art", Çanakkale Ceramic Gallery, Istanbul

1991- Painting/Ceramic/Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery Baldem, Istanbul

1992- Modern Turkish Ceramics Exhibition

1994- "A Quarter Century with Fire" Exhibition

1995- 5th Istanbul Art Fair, Bilim Art Gallery

1996- Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ceramics Exhibition

1997- Yurt and Dünya Art Gallery, Group Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Istanbul

1998- "Personal Traces Ceramics Exhibition", Dolmabahçe Cultural Center, Vitra Ceramic Workshop, Istanbul

1998- "7th Year Turkish Plastic Arts Exhibition", Bilim Art Gallery, Ankara

1999- "Sculptors with Artisan 25th Anniversary Sculptures and Patterns", ARTISAN, Istanbul

1999- Masters of Ceramic Art, Toprakbank Art Gallery

1999- Traditional Group Art Ceramics Exhibition, Çanakkale Ceramic Factory

2000- Turquoise 2000, Paris, Escape Pierre Cardin Amiens, Yurt ve Dünya Gallery

2001- Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition, Bakrac Gallery

2004- Tolga Eti Art House

2005- ARTIST 2005 TÜYAP Istanbul Art Fair

2007- "Turkish Ceramic Art Exhibition", Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center

2007- Gallery Tuzun, Group Exhibition

2008- The Marmara Pera 85th Turkish Artist on the 85th Anniversary of the Republic

*Gözükara, Hande Ş. (2001). İlgi Adalan'ın Yaşamı ve Sanat Anlayışı. (Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis). Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramic Department, İzmir.

**Video: Ceramic Artists: The Secret in the Mud: İlgi Adalan, TRT 2, Sezen Ünal, 27 Aralık 1998

**İlgi Adalan Archive Project initiated by Mustafa Ergül and Nurtaç Buluç, started on 25 December 2022 and completed on 15 March 2023.

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